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Old Mission San Jose and the 4th Grade Mission Project

Mission San Jose was founded on June 11, 1797 by Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuen on a site which was part of a natural highway by way of the Livermore Valley to the San Joaquin Valley. It is the fourteenth of the 21 Spanish Missions in Alta California. They were founded to secure Spain’s claim to this land and to teach the native people Christianity and the Spanish way of life.

Every year, 4th grade students in California study the California Missions, and write a report on one of the missions. We receive many requests for information to help these students. Please note that the Mission San Jose Chamber of Commerce is a business organization for the local town of Mission San Jose, and we are not officially part of the Mission itself.

Students interested in learning more about the history of Mission San Jose, especially for the 4th Grade Mission Project, can write to request the free historical information packet.

Old Mission San Jose is frequently visited by classrooms and tour groups. Learn more about reserving a time for a docent-guided tour.

Visit the Mission’s website for more information.

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