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2018 Board Members Ballot

Please submit your ballot on or before January 8, 2018. Ballots received after this date will not be counted.

  • We have one current board member who is seeking a second term on the board.

  • We have two members who wish to become board members.

  • You may vote to approve or disapprove each candidate, and may also vote for a write-in candidate.

New Board Member Candidates


Anithah Pillai, Financial Advisor

As a fellow MSJ resident and a business owner I want to be part of MSJCC board to increase collaboration between local businesses to promote business activity and to organize community events like olive festival for the benefit of the entire community.

Thank you for the opportunity in considering me for the position in the board, I am passionate about making connections and friendships while making a difference in the community. I am self-driven and my skills in networking, social media, marketing, and seeing through goals and project to completion could be useful to the board.

William Flaherty, Teacher

My name is Bill Flaherty and I would like to be on the Board of the Mission San Jose Area Chamber of Commerce. I was born and raised in Rockford, IL, got an BA in Political Science from Columbia University in 1994 and a Masters in World Music from Northern Illinois University in 2002. During my time as a graduate student at NIU I began teaching elementary school music and taught at several different public and private schools until 2003 when I taught music for a year at the Kodaikanal International School in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India. I returned to the USA in 2004 and taught music in Chicago until 2010 when I accepted a job teaching music at Justin-Siena High School in Napa, CA where I taught until 2014. After teaching music for a year at an inner-city school in Richmond, CA I accepted a job teaching music at Hopkins Junior High and Mission San Jose High School.

I am very happy to have landed in such a beautiful locale and would enjoy the opportunity to give something back to this community which means so much to me.


Please vote your approval or disapproval of the following Board Members as they desire to extend their board responsibilities for another term (4 years).

Gael Stewart

Please select up to 2 of the following candidates who wish to become Board Members. You may also include a write-in candidate as one of your 2 choices

I approve the following board candidates:

Write-in Candidate

Comments or Questions

Thanks for submitting!

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